Orange representative speaks

February 22, 2013

A recent interview from a representative from the Orange Task Force Group (the group responsible for the DDos attacks on Green & Co.)

1. Who are the people behind the group Orange Task Force Group?

“The group is consisted of people across the world.”

2. How is the group communicating?

“We are highly connected with each other. No further comment.”

3. Is “GreyCat” (Enoch Moses Kaplain) part of the Orange Group Task Force?

“No he is not. They are in support of what he is doing.”

4. Is the DDoS attack going to spread to other machines if “Grey Cat” is not released?

“Yes. If our goals are not reached the attacks will keep coming.”

5. What does the group know about “Grey Cat’s” bank records?

“No comment.”

6. Is the group responsible for creating the Twitter account #opfreeEnoch ?

“We did not create that account, but we are in full support of it.”


Israeli Government Responds to Orange Task Force Comments

February 22, 2013

Israeli government officials have released a statement concerning the recent hacker attacks on Aryeh Bank.

Orange Task Force is carrying out the attacks in response to the Israeli government’s ban on videos it considers ‘unsafe’, as well as the arrest of hacktivist GreyCat.

The spokesperson says “it is the policy of the Israeli government to make the safety and security of our citizens our top priority,”

Orange Task Force says its hack attacks will continue until GreyCat is released and the YouTube ban is lifted.


Look What Israel is Missing

February 22, 2013

Screen shot 2013-02-22 at 2.54.52 PM

While the rest of the world is enjoying this new viral video sensation, Israelis may have been left out due to the recent censorship of some videos on Youtube in their home country. Israel has removed YouTube videos that it deems harmful, making it possible that this one, posted Feb. 1 by an Atlanta bar mitzvah boy, won’t make the cut.

It is a shame that they might not be able to see Daniel’s ‘save the date’ for his upcoming Bar Mitzvah. Daniel had celebrities from Shaquille O’neal to the Mayor of Atlanta in his video.


Israeli citizens blocked from certain Youtube videos

February 22, 2013

YouTube govt censorship

Since the attempted bombing on El Al flight 1235, Israeli government has blocked over 5.425 million Israeli Internet users from accessing some videos from the popular website Youtube. Those numbers were the latest since 2009. The Israeli government has systematically blocked videos that it deemed unsafe. According to the CIA government webpage Israel is ranked 51 out of 217 countries with the most Internet users. It is unclear if popular Israeli Youtube videos are available for viewing. We are contacting Youtube and in addition asking the Israeli government when this blockade will end for the Israeli citizens.


Hacktivist Group Attacks Israeli Bank in Response to GreyCat Arrest

February 22, 2013

Orange Taks Force, a hacktivist group, has begun a series of DDoS attacks on Aryeh Bank.

In an email to INN, Orange Task Force says it is attacking Aryeh Bank “in response to the current attack on Israeli freedom”. This is a reference to the arrest of GreyCat, an Israeli hacktivist who was traced via his bank records with Aryeh Bank. The group is also referring to the government’s ban on ‘unsafe’ YouTube videos.

Orange Task Force says attacks will continue until GreyCat is released and “free access to information is restored in Israel.”


Hacktivist “GreyCat” Arrested For Illegal YouTube Software Distribution

February 22, 2013


Enoch Moses Kaplin, who goes by the codename GreyCat, was arrested for distributing software that allows Israeli YouTube users to bypass a ban on ‘unsafe’ videos.

The arrest of GreyCat has led to international attention, and the Twitterverse started #opfreeEnoch.

GreyCat was traced via his bank records, which were given to the Israeli government by Aryeh Bank, which is a subsidiary of the New York-based international banking firm Green & Company.

When the hacktivist community learned that GreyCat’s arrest was due to the release of his bank records, they began targeting Aryeh Bank, Green & Comapny, and its associates.

In public comments, @DredSea, the spokesman for #opfreeEnoch, implied that more attacks were being planned against the banks.


Hacktivists Bypass Israeli YouTube Ban

February 22, 2013

After the Israeli government banned all electronic devices on flights, they began to systematically go through YouTube and ban videos that they deem unsafe.

The hacktivist community quickly began to organize and began DDoS, distributed denial of service attacks, against the Israeli government’s entities. The hackers also began to distribute software that is able to bypass the ban on YouTube, allowing people to watch the ‘unsafe’ videos banned by the government.

The ban on electronics initiated from an attack three weeks ago by Tayyib Rashid, a Saudi citizen, who detonated a bomb on El Al flight 1235. The bomb consisted of an over charged laptop battery punctured by a nail hidden in Rashid’s shoe. The attack caused several people to be hospitalized for chemical burns on their arms and legs. When authorities interrogated Rashid, he said the idea came from YouTube videos.