Top Law firm’s website crashes, client list includes Green & Co.

February 23, 2013

The web site of top international law firm Smith, Smith & Smith has crashed, leaving us wondering if it has succumbed to an extension of the DDoS attack on its client Green & Co. Smith, Smith & Smith, with offices across the globe, represents a number of the Fortune 500 firms, including Green & Co. 

OrangeTasKforce, when contacted about whether the crash was its doing, was evasive but not dismissive. The group, currently sending out DDoS attacks on Green & Co.’s Israeli subsidiary, Aryeh Bank, demanding the release of Enoch Moses Kaplin and the return of full YouTube access to all of Israel, reiterated that all had been warned that they would escalate attacks if Kaplin were not released. 

However, OrangeTaskForce did not take direct responsibility for the Smith, Smith & Smith crash. 


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