Orange representative speaks

February 22, 2013

A recent interview from a representative from the Orange Task Force Group (the group responsible for the DDos attacks on Green & Co.)

1. Who are the people behind the group Orange Task Force Group?

“The group is consisted of people across the world.”

2. How is the group communicating?

“We are highly connected with each other. No further comment.”

3. Is “GreyCat” (Enoch Moses Kaplain) part of the Orange Group Task Force?

“No he is not. They are in support of what he is doing.”

4. Is the DDoS attack going to spread to other machines if “Grey Cat” is not released?

“Yes. If our goals are not reached the attacks will keep coming.”

5. What does the group know about “Grey Cat’s” bank records?

“No comment.”

6. Is the group responsible for creating the Twitter account #opfreeEnoch ?

“We did not create that account, but we are in full support of it.”


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