Hacktivist “GreyCat” Arrested For Illegal YouTube Software Distribution

February 22, 2013


Enoch Moses Kaplin, who goes by the codename GreyCat, was arrested for distributing software that allows Israeli YouTube users to bypass a ban on ‘unsafe’ videos.

The arrest of GreyCat has led to international attention, and the Twitterverse started #opfreeEnoch.

GreyCat was traced via his bank records, which were given to the Israeli government by Aryeh Bank, which is a subsidiary of the New York-based international banking firm Green & Company.

When the hacktivist community learned that GreyCat’s arrest was due to the release of his bank records, they began targeting Aryeh Bank, Green & Comapny, and its associates.

In public comments, @DredSea, the spokesman for #opfreeEnoch, implied that more attacks were being planned against the banks.


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