Los Zetas meet with reporters, deny any responsibility for attacks

February 25, 2012

Three representatives from the Los Zetas Cartel met in an undisclosed location with Mexico National reporters to discuss Friday’s attacks on Acapulco and Las Vegas.

Wanting the keep their identities secret, Zetas threatened Mexico National reporters before and during the meeting. “Don’t alert anyone, or it will be the heads of your families,” threatened the Zetas.

The Los Zetas Cartel is a well known drug cartel in Mexico. “We are like any normal business, but have our own interest,” stated one member of the Zetas.

Others may dispute the power and control Zetas have in Mexico. MEXICANCITIZENACTION blog states that the Zetas are no longer a threat. “Considering the recent beefing of Mexican security, it is most likely that Los Zetas have been effectively dissolved or gone into hiding,” stated the blogger.

Though their business maybe unlike any other, the Zetas wanted the chance to clear up their name from any accusations about todays attacks. When asked if they had connections to the attack in Las Vegas or any other location one representative stated, “We had no responsibilities for the actions that took place today.”

However, the Zetas’ rivals, the Sinaloa cartel, have been implicated strongly in comments made by Mexican National Police and Army. No one has been implicated as responsible for the Las Vegas attacks, though two Texans were killed by Las Vegas police officers’ gunfire.


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